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GM, Cruise demand Ford drop 'BlueCruise' name for hands-free driving

GM contends Ford's use of the BlueCruise name infringed on GM's Super Cruise and other GM trademarks for automated driving, such as Hyper Cruise, as well as Cruise's trademarks.

Ford dealership targets 48 hours to get used vehicles ready to sell

A Missouri dealership upped its sales of used vehicles by incentivizing service techs to get each one through the reconditioning process within 48 hours.

Cool idea ... but will they buy?

It's one thing to dream up and perfect a technological breakthrough in wiper blades — it's another to sell it.

Olympics stage set for bots to shine

Despite spectators being banned from this year's games in Tokyo, the sharp-eyed observer can still find plenty of high-tech vehicles and new mobility gadgetry.

Lithia hires new marketing chief

The dealership group hired former Disney creative director Marguerite Celeste as senior vice president and chief marketing officer, effective immediately. It is Celeste's second stint with Lithia.

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