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Lamborghini begins farewell to pure ICE vehicles this year

The Volkswagen Group brand will launch its first plug-in hybrid in 2023 and fully electrify its lineup by 2024, CEO Stephen Winkelmann said.

Startup Ottonomy uses the airport to help autonomous delivery take flight

Ottonomy maps out a shift into curbside and last-mile deliveries.

How Toyota, Lexus plan to digitally improve the service experience

A select few Toyota and Lexus dealers this month will be pioneers in an expansion of the brands' digital retailing systems.

Advanced driving tech reaches into health field

Automotive suppliers are deploying with health technology aimed at detecting COVID-19, alerting someone of signs of a heart attack and purifying the air in their vehicle.

Four dealerships sold in Mo., Pa., Ariz., and Ohio

Here's a look at recent transactions involving dealerships that sold in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Ohio that sell domestic, import and luxury brands.

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